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60mm Organic, Natural SMOOTH CREAMY COLOURED Wooden Teething Rings - Acer | Made in Europe | AU/NZ standard certified

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Quick Overview

Beautiful, organic wooden teething rings!

These creamy coloured teether rings are made from pure, untreated wood. No additives, chemicals, dyes or other nasties are added during the making of these rings. These rings have been tested and meet the Australian / New Zealand safety standards for migration of elements (ISO8124.1:2012) as well as mechanical and physical properties (ISO8124.1:2013). They also meet the EN 71-3:2013 safety standards for Migration of Certain Elements so you can be confident your little one will not be chewing on any nasties!

The rings are in their raw state, so you can leave them as they are or you can apply your own oils or finishes, such as olive or flaxseed oil.

Each wooden ring contains its own, unique wood grain patterns and has a creamy colour tone.

These teethers are made from the hard wood of an Acer tree (Ash tree family), that has been grown in an ecological region in Southeastern Europe, away from heavy industries. A new tree is also planted in the forest for each tree that is cut. Making the rings is quite an involved process: After the trees are cut, the wood is left to air dry, before it is machine cut. Each ring is then machine polished / sanded three times and finally hand fast polished during the fourth stage to ensure a smooth feel.

Each ring has a 60mm diameter and is approx 11mm thick (internal hole measures approx 36mm).

These wooden rings are also available in a larger, 80mm diameter.

Not sure which oils to use to seal the wooden teethers? Check out this article for some info: http://www.ehow.com/facts_6158103_oils-use-wood-teething-toys_.html

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